Timberland Enterprises, Inc.
  • Socially Enterprising

    We welcome you to be part of the next evolution in business...

    Social Enterprises, is the leap forward in business structuring; designed to support the small business owners and their investors, by allowing business to band together as a "union"; a network; a community.

    Through collective bargaining, the sharing of resources and profits, our businesses can all strive.

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Timberland Business Development is not like any other enterprise in existence; unlike most corporations our goals are not driven solely upon the acquisition of more and more wealth; we are a social enterprise; a community company; working together for the benefit of our small local businesses; our community as a whole and all those who work and live within it.

Much like labor unions, we are in many aspects a union for businesses; working through collective bargaining to decrease the operational costs of both our partnered businesses and those whom have chosen to become affiliated members. The difference between our “union” and labor unions is that, we also engage in profit sharing; a life-saver for many small businesses that are otherwise struggling to stay afloat.

Not only do businesses benefit from being associated with Timberland Business Development; but so do the employees. Timberland mandates that all employees of our partnered businesses maintain a certain level of benefit programs for their employees; such as health and dental care. Additionally, Timberland grants employers the ability to make certain affordable fringe benefits available to their employees; such as our profit sharing bonus program.

By supporting our local small businesses and their employees; and by bringing more business into the area; we grow our local economy, thereby helping all who live here to strive.